Adaptation Evaluation

A candid, industry-savvy evaluation of book or manuscript film crossover potential

For book authors considering screen adaptation, TED’s Los Angeles-based Director of Development John Robert Marlow will read your manuscript and follow up with a one-hour phone consultation to discuss the cinematic merits of your story, characters, dialogue, structure, pacing, and subject matter—as well as how any (or all) of these elements might be modified to help make your adapted story more screen-friendly. If you want help writing an adapted screenplay or want us to write one for you, we can do that too. Your phone consultation can be recorded and a copy made available to you.

$0.008 per word for manuscripts over 50,000 words. For pricing of shorter works, please contact the Tucson office at (520) 546-9992.

3-4 weeks (rush service available)

Visit our online submissions form, call us at 520.546.9992 or email