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Founded in 1980 by Renni Browne, a former senior editor at William Morrow and coauthor of the bestselling Self-Editing for Fiction Writers, The Editorial Department provides expert support in planning, revising, and editing all genres of fiction and nonfiction. Our editors help authors hone their writing skills and prepare manuscripts for successful traditional or independent publication by providing:

  • Candid, constructive editorial critiques to identify what works, what needs work, and how to give your book the best chance of success in the marketplace

  • In-depth guidance on revisions and rewrites, based your own objectives and the unique needs of your manuscript

  • Expert line editing, copy editing, and proofreading from highly credentialed editors you work with directly

  • Highly personalized lessons, education, and guidance on story craft and writing technique

  • Comprehensive help from seasoned industry insiders in pitching your work to literary agents and publishers

  • Professional collaboration, ghostwriting, and adaptation support for fiction and narrative nonfiction projects

  • A wide range of development, editing, and writing support for screenplays and screenplay adaptations

Our Services

For Novels, Narrative Nonfiction, Short Stories, Screenplays, Academic & Scholarly Works

Our Staff

Our staff includes a diverse mix of editors, agents, writing coaches, screenwriters, ghostwriters, and publishing consultants, who work with our authors directly to provide as much or as little support as is needed to bring your project to fruition. Many of us are successfully published writers or have experience acquiring and editing books for major New York publishers. Others are experienced writing teachers with a passion for nurturing creativity and helping writers realize their creative vision at the highest level possible.

Editor recommendations and assignments are handled by Ross Browne, based on your objectives, needs, and genre. We’re more than happy to entertain requests for specific editors, and you’ll find complete bios on all our staff by clicking here.

Areas of fiction specialization

  • Mystery, suspense, and crime fiction

  • Thrillers

  • Romance and women’s fiction

  • Speculative fiction (science fiction, fantasy, etc.)

  • Literary, mainstream, and upmarket fiction

  • Christian, spiritual, and New Age fiction

  • Young adult (YA) and middle grade fiction

  • Short stories and short story compilations

  • Southern fiction

  • Historical fiction

Areas of nonfiction specialization

  • Memoir

  • Biography and autobiography

  • Self-help

  • Science, nature, ecology, and the environment

  • Philosophy

  • History, politics, and world events

  • Sports

  • Food, wine, and lifestyle

  • Travel

  • Religion, theology, and spirituality

Our clients range from bestselling authors with loyal readerships to new writers who are just starting out on their writing journeys. Our highly personalized approach to nurturing writers and helping them succeed has earned us feature coverage from The New York Times, Publisher’s Weekly, Writers Digest, and “recommended” status by various Internet watchdog groups.

Our editors specialize in providing concrete guidance and clear direction, first in making your manuscript as good as it can be, then in getting it published, and finally in giving it the best chance of success in the marketplace. Whether you’re working on your first book or your fifteenth, whether your goal is traditional or independent publication, whether you’ve got a rough draft teeming with potential or a polished final draft that’s ready to find its readership, The Editorial Department is uniquely qualified to help you succeed.

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Getting Started

If you’re considering working with a professional editor and feel we may be a good fit for you, the first step is to contact Ross Browne in the Tucson office. You can do this by phone at (520) 546-9992, by email at admin@editorialdepartment.com, or by visiting our online welcome center, where you can upload your manuscript and answer a few questions that will help us assess what you have and which editor(s) and service(s) may be most appropriate for your needs.

Once Ross receives all the information he needs to make a recommendation, he will contact you to discuss your options for moving forward, introduce the recommended editor(s), and provide a written quote for any pertinent service(s). At this point in the process, there’s never any cost or obligation, and Ross will be happy to answer any questions and customize the proposed editorial course, based on your project’s unique needs.

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