John Robert Marlow

Specializes in screenplay adaptations and development, and editing commercial fiction

John Robert Marlow is a published novelist, nonfiction book author, and Academy-honored screenwriter with over 20 years’ experience as a freelance journalist and over 15 years’ experience as a book editor and researcher.

John’s tech-thriller novel Nano was published in hardcover and paperback by Forge/St. Martin’s Press, and he literally wrote the book on film adaptations—after extensive interviews with novelists, screenwriters, directors, producers, and others whose movies have collectively earned over $50 billion worldwide. Make Your Story a Movie: Adapting Your Book or Idea for Hollywood was published by St. Martin’s Griffin in December 2012.

One of John’s action screenplays recently went into development with director and producer Jan de Bont, whose credits include Speed, Twister, Minority Report, and Lara Croft: Tomb Raider. Another action script is also in development. When John took a brief vacation, the producer of the Tom Cruise and Jamie Foxx action-thriller Collateral hired a private detective to find him—so she could option a romantic comedy she’d just read, before anyone else had a chance.

John joined The Editorial Department in 2006. His client work has included writing, revising, and editing novels, screenplays, nonfiction books, book proposals, loglines, pitch sheets, and screenplay treatments. He has also analyzed all of these types of projects for commercial (and adaptation) potential and marketability—recommending changes to improve concept, plot, character, dialogue, and narration. Additionally, he’s written screenplay adaptations of both novels and nonfiction books, and book adaptations of screenplays.

John’s first love is commercial fiction: novels and screenplays in the action, thriller, science fiction, fantasy, young adult, drama, and comedy (including romantic comedy) genres. Running a close second to these are compelling nonfiction and “quirky” fiction.

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