Book Collaboration & Ghostwriting Services

Professional collaboration, ghostwriting, and book planning by experienced authors published in a wide range of genres

Overview of Service

Several of our editors are professional, published authors available for book collaboration and ghostwriting projects. Our ghostwriters have over 30 traditionally published titles in print, both authored and ghostwritten, in a wide range of fiction and nonfiction genres. We also have three professional screenwriters on staff who specialize in ghostwriting screenplay adaptations of novels and story-driven narrative nonfiction.

Why Hire A Ghostwriter?

Ghostwriting can be an ideal option for anyone who has a compelling story to share (or a terrific book idea) but who doesn’t have the time or skillset to bring a book to fruition on their own. It’s also suitable for business people, mentors, presenters, and coaching professionals who need a book to support their work in some way but don’t aspire to be a writer. Hiring a ghostwriter often represents the fastest and easiest way to bring a quality book to market and is suitable for traditional and independent publication channels.

What to Expect From The Ghostwriting Process

Our ghostwriters can help with concept refinement, story planning, organization and structure, and then of course the writing of the book itself. (Or a book proposal, for nonfiction where the intent is to traditionally publish.) We can start from scratch or take the reins of a manuscript that’s already underway.

Pricing and working methods for collaboration and ghostwriting services vary, depending on the project length, the nature of the work involved, and your project’s particular needs. We provide everything from collaborative book planning and outlining support to full-dress ghostwriting of the entire manuscript. We can work as a credited coauthor or as an uncredited ghostwriter, with our role in the book’s writing kept 100% confidential.

If you’d like more information about hiring a professional ghostwriter or collaborator for a book you’re planning or a manuscript already in progress, please click the button below to tell us more about your project and needs. You can also contact Ross Browne in the Tucson office or by calling (520) 546-9992.

Meet Our Ghostwriters

Gregory Collins

Favorite genres include literary fiction, memoir, mainstream fiction, and coming-of-age novels

Marcia Ford

Specializes in editing and ghostwriting CBA Books, memoirs, and some genres of secular fiction

John Robert Marlow

Specializes in collaboration, ghostwriting, and book planning support for screenplays, adult fiction,  YA fiction,  and narrative nonfiction  

Shannon Roberts

Available for ghostwriting of select genres of adult and YA fiction including fantasy, science fiction and historical fiction.

Doug Wagner

Specializes in line editing, copy editing, and nonfiction book collaboration

“If you imagine, all the while while you’re copy-editing, that your manuscript is the work of a slipshod and possibly feeble-minded soul,  you’ll find it easy to adopt the most effective copy-editing attitude: suspicion. Go slow and question everything.”

Judith Appelbaum