Paula Fletchall-Bryner

“I was extremely pleased with both the thoroughness and honesty of the evaluation of my manuscript. John Marlow is a great help, and quite clearly knows what he is talking about. I got the help and input I needed to take my project to the next level. Thank you all!”

Paula Fletchall-Bryner
Anchorage, AK

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Dave Erickson

John Marlow’s critique far surpassed my expectations. He pointed out problems that I probably never would have seen on my own due to my familiarity with the material. I had no idea he would be so thorough. Very professionally done.”

Dave Erickson
Iowa City, IA

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Mike Merrell

“John Marlow has by far given me the most constructive feedback on my three novels and one screenplay. Others — including some professionals — only gave me some pats on the back and made a few comments that had nowhere near the substance needed. John sees things that I am still working on grasping. No one else has […]

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Brett Valette

“One hour of consultation with John Marlow kicked my novel’s climax from a great ending to a killer ending! He was able to help me ratchet up the suspense, create some additional unique, memorable scenes, and bring a couple of my characters to vibrant life.”

Brett Valette, Ph.D.
Superior, CO

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