Katie Sweeting

Diane Stockwell took her time to read my novel Remnant, and provided invaluable advice and guidance on how to make it a better novel. I found her evaluation, both the critical and complimentary aspects, very helpful and I believe as I revise Remnant it will emerge as a stronger and more readable book!

Katie Sweeting
Jersey City, NJ

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Kathleen O’Donnell

“Where do I start? They care about the writer. Renni is my editor and she is tough but right almost always. She’s also complimentary so it isn’t just constant critique. I highly recommend them. Ross is wonderful to work with as well. He is quick to respond and always ready to help. I’d never use […]

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John H. Cunningham

“I have worked with The Editorial Department for many years, which has included everything from plot development, character development, and line editing. TED was not the first group I worked with for these services, but they will be the last. Great, highly qualified and collaborative people who have made a positive difference in my writing.”

John H. […]

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Laura Fitzgerald

“I’ve partnered with The Editorial Department on my last three novels because I know my books are far better as a result. We writers aren’t the best judge of our own work, so it’s incredibly helpful to receive their professional feedback and support.”

Laura Fitzgerald
National Bestselling Author of Veil of Roses and other titles

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Virginia Locastro

“I was impressed by the length and extent of my editor’s evaluation and her suggestions for improvement.”

Virginia Locastro
Bethesda, MD

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Tony Bertauski

“I never would’ve developed as a fiction writer without the Editorial Department. The advice is invaluable, the insight brilliant, and the people exceptional. And, thankfully, their services are affordable. Go ahead, check around.”

Tony Bertauski
Author of The Discovery of Socket Greeny and other titles


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