Client Services

An overview of our philosophy and promises to our clients

“Exceptional service” isn’t just a catchphrase here at The Editorial Department. It’s a concept that has meaning and substance, which we have worked hard to refine and deliver on for 44 years and counting.

It starts with a deep love of books, respect for writers and their creative vision, and a keen appreciation for the trust our clients put in us. It continues with recognition that no two books are the same, no two authors are the same, and that no there are no cookie-cutter solutions to bring a book to fruition.

This is why, before anything else, we take the time to get to know your book, understand your objectives, and learn what you’re hoping to get from the process of working with an editor. It’s why we ask so many questions at the beginning of the process and sometimes need a day or two to review your material and make an appropriate recommendation as to which editors or services will best fit your needs. It’s why we have an editor with over 30 years of experience at the helm of our client services team, to guide you through an editorial process that’s customized around your project’s unique needs and shaped by a commitment to:

  • Candor, honesty, and constructiveness in providing feedback
  • A mentoring approach to editing that helps writers continually hone craft and improve, not just fix a single manuscript
  • Fostering close,  comfortable, and highly productive author-editor relationships
  • Flexibility and creativity in finding the services that best fit your needs and budget
  • Respect for your creative vision
  • Presenting best practices in writing as guidelines rather than ironclad rules

Our commitment to exceptional service also extends to respect for the business of being a writer and what we believe all writers should expect when working with a professional editor:

  • Clear, thorough explanations of any recommended services, why they’re appropriate, and what to expect from them
  • Transparent, up-front pricing for all of our services, with written quotes and estimates provided
  • Careful attention to editor selection and assignment, based on many factors, including genre or subject matter, editorial needs, and publishing objectives
  • Reasonable turnaround times and firm delivery dates for all services, with updates along the way as needed
  • Utmost respect for our clients’ privacy and confidentiality concerns
  • High standards of professional behavior and conduct

Our goal at The Editorial Department is to make the experience of working with an editor as comfortable, satisfying, and fruitful as possible. Our president and author services director, Ross Browne, can be easily reached in the Tucson office if you have any questions, concerns, or special needs for your project.