Author Coaching

Craft-focused primers and personalized coaching on writing technique, based on your own manuscript or work-in-progress

Overview of Services

TED’s author coaching services help writers of all experience levels hone storytelling craft and improve writing skills. Our editors and writing teachers provide hands-on, highly personalized feedback to help you identify what you’re already doing well and what you need to work on to improve as a writer. We use your manuscript as the basis for in-depth lessons on any techniques and principles to strengthen your writing and maximize your story’s appeal and interest.

Topics vary based on where you need the most help but may address:

  • how to maximize the interest of your premise and plot
  • how to improve story structure and pacing
  • how to manage conflict, stakes, and tension
  • how to make your characters more interesting, convincing, and/or distinct from one another
  • how to write captivating dialogue
  • how to write memorable action scenes, dialogue scenes, sex scenes, and more
  • how to effectively manage exposition and backstory
  • how to self-edit your manuscript
  • what “show, don’t tell” really means and how to do it
  • how and when to write great narrative summary
  • how to write compelling description
  • how to find and strengthen your own voice
  • how to work within guidelines and reader expectations of your genre (without being predictable or too formulaic)


Sample line edit of 50 manuscript pages with copious, craft-focused notes.

$.06 per word and up

A crash course in the best practices of narrative style and writing mechanics, based on your work-in-progress or completed manuscript.


In-depth lessons on specific topics of writing craft, based on your work-in-progress or completed manuscript.

$750 and up

An intensive course in advanced fiction-writing techniques, based on your work-in-progress or completed manuscript.


“Nobody reads a book to get to the middle.”

Mickey Spillane