Julian Delfino

Editor specializing in developmental editing, author coaching, copy editing, proofreading, and ESL support for fiction and nonfiction.

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Julian Delfino is a versatile editor with wide-ranging professional editing experience that includes fiction, academic writing of all levels, and business writing, with clients ranging from ESL student writers to researchers to published authors. With fiction, his greatest interest and knowledge lie in fantasy, sci-fi, and other speculative commercial fiction, YA, and literary fiction. He also specializes in helping ESL clients find their voices and polish idiomatic prose.

He graduated with undergraduate degrees in English and piano performance from Lawrence University, where he worked for three years as a writing tutor. He’s also a writer, and he graduated with an MFA degree in fiction from Vermont College of Fine Arts in 2018, finishing a collection of short stories and a critical thesis on the canny/uncanny and inevitable/unexpected in fiction.

Julian has completed the University of Washington’s certificate in editing program, where he delved deeper into traditional publishing, exactly which pages of Chicago to dogear, and hardcopy proofreader’s marks (yes, they’re still good to know!). He’s a member of the Northwest Editors Guild.

He’s an eclectic reader—international and American, speculative and literary, classics and web serials, books on writing craft and books on science, essays and poetry, he enjoys it all, and he eagerly applies this knowledge to editing. Julian has a great love for taking apart books and thinking about how they work, why they work, and how he can make them work.

Julian lives on a rainy island in Washington’s Puget Sound, where, when he’s not writing with one of two cats on his lap, he can be found gardening and taking care of a mixed flock of fowl with his fiancée, playing piano and guitar, hiking, and dreaming and scheming of homesteading and farming.