Sean Fletcher

Editor specializing in manuscript critique, developmental editing, and traditional publishing support for fantasy, science fiction, YA, MG, and select genres of adult fiction.

sean fletcher headshot

Sean Fletcher’s experience as an author, editor, and teacher has given him a well-rounded view of authors’ work at any stage of their writing journey. In his work with middle grade, YA, and adult— primarily in the areas fantasy, sci-fi, and most contemporary fiction—Sean’s assisted hundreds of authors in building multidimensional characters, engaging plots, original voices, and deep themes across their respective age groups.

Sean’s love of writing and editing really jumpstarted in college where, during an intensive pre-veterinarian medicine degree, he extensively studied the craft of fiction and completed four practice novels before embarking on his professional writing career. Since then, he’s become an Amazon bestselling author of multiple YA fantasy series, and an award-winning author of middle grade. He’s also spoken at numerous writing classes, conferences, and other venues across the country, including the Pacific Northwest Writers Conference, RWA San Jose, and Rutgers Writers Conference.

Sean draws on the years of experience as an indie author and time spent as a literary agent to bring a multifaceted, multi-track perspective to authors looking to pitch or self-publish. He’s a lover of all aspects of the writing and editing process, including developmental editing and revision, outlining, query letters and pitch packages, assessing a work’s marketability, consultations about author platform, marketing, and more. As an author, he understands how tough it can be to get honest feedback, which is why he always gives compassionate insight to help elevate your work in whatever stage of the process you’re in.