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The purpose of this form is to gather information and insights to help support one of your authors in their effort to submit their work to literary agents and publishers.  We sincerely appreciate any time and effort you put into this!

  • Please give this some careful thought, especially if it's more a hybrid type situation. (And don't be swayed by the author's opinion.)
  • Describe your position on this book's readiness to be shown to agents and publishers and the author's decision to start submitting.
  • If your answer to the above question is anything but "totally supportive," have you voiced your concerns about why it may not be ready to submit yet to the author?
  • Please write a one-sentence conceptual summary of the manuscript, highlighting whatever qualities or aspects you see as being the most compelling. (i.e. "a gritty crime thriller based on the murder of a wall street executive just moments before the 9/11 terrorist attacks.) It should be written with the intent of encouraging interest in the plot or topic without giving too much away plot away. We're looking for perpectives on how to draw attention to the big broad-stroke elements that might pique a reviewer’s interest.
  • Who is the audience for this book? What kinds of readers is it likely to resonate with?
  • Tell us what you see (or hope) would be perceived as most marketable about the project, from the viewpoint of a prospective agent or publisher.
  • Please name any books with plots or stories that have something significant in common with this project—or that give you confidence in the market for this book. (Feel free to explain.)
  • Please name any authors whose style, subject matter, voice, philosophy, readership, or overall feel is similar to what you’re encountered in this book. (Feel free to explain.)
  • How do you feel about the length of this book?
  • How do you feel about the title?
  • What single words or short phrases would you use to describe the manuscript if you were a literary agent representing this book and pitching it to publisher?
  • Do you know of any agents or publishers who might be a good fit for this mansucrit?
  • Are you in personal contact with any published authors, agents, or editors you would be comfortable recommending this book to in support of the author's effort to get it traditionally published?
  • Is there anything else you'd like considered as we help this author pitch the manuscipt and prepare for submission?
  • This field is for validation purposes and should be left unchanged.