Spotlight on Editing for Christian Fiction and Nonfiction, Theology, Religion, and Spirituality

“When a writer takes on the task of exploring the world of the spirit, she has invited a process that will change her permanently. If she has done her work well, it will change her readers too.”  (Vinita Hampton Wright)

If you’re a nonfiction author or novelist who aspires to write a compelling book about faith, spirituality, Christianity, or other topics related to religion, The Editorial Department can help improve your manuscript and increase its likelihood of successful publication. We’ve been at this for 44 years now, and we love seeing good manuscripts become great books.

Meet our lead religion and spirituality editor, Marcia Ford

marciaford253Marcia Ford is a published author, ghostwriter, and editor who is passionate about books that offer diverse perspectives on living a life of faith, especially given these turbulent times. She loves working with authors who understand that to reach the right people with their story, they need to tell that story with unflinching honesty and vulnerability.

With more than 30 books in print under her own name and many others as a ghostwriter and editor, Marcia is qualified to help authors at any stage of their work on a manuscript or book proposal. Newcomers to writing and publishing can expect knowledgeable guidance and clear direction in planning and best positioning their books in a volatile marketplace. Authors who want candid feedback on the quality of their work can expect a fully developed evaluation of the steps they can take to improve it. And authors whose books are ready for a final polishing will discover Marcia’s precision and professionalism when she takes on the copy editing that every book needs.

“As a journalist at a daily New York-area newspaper, I discovered that I wanted to be in the trenches—at first, reporting the news and then as an editor on the deadline desk. All these years later, I feel I am still in the trenches, helping authors wrestle with their manuscripts until they’re ready for publication. It gives me great joy when a client finally holds a copy—digital or print—of their published work.” ~ Marcia Ford

Authors interested in working with Marcia can click the button below to introduce your project and request a no-cost/no-obligation quote for any services that may be of interest.

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Candid, constructive editorial critiques for complete manuscripts, book proposals, and unfinished works-in-progress

Substantive, in-depth guidance on revision to bring out a manuscript’s full potential and prepare for final copy editing.

A high-level, hands-on edit to polish prose, perfect language, and bring out the best in your narrative voice.

A pre-publication edit focused on error correction, consistency of formatting and usage, style-guide compliance, and preparations for digital typesetting or submission to literary agents and publishers.

Professional collaboration, ghostwriting, and book planning.

Book proposal evaluation, editing, and development consultation.