Book Planning Preliminary Questionnaire

  • Please tell us a little bit about this book, book proposal, or series as you currently envision it.
  • Please attach any files materials you may have available to help us better understand your vision for this project or where you are with it.
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    Accepted file types: doc, docx, rtf, pdf.
  • Who is the audience for this work? What kinds of readers will it likely resonate with?
  • Tell us what you see (or hope) would be perceived as most marketable about the project, from the viewpoint of a prospective publisher.
  • Please name any books, series, or authors you're aware of that have something significant in common with what you're envisioning for this this project. (Feel free to explain.)
  • Please tell us anything you can about your inspiration to write this work and what you’re hoping to accomplish with it.
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  • Please tell us anything we might need to know about your timetable for moving forward with this project, how soon you're wanting to start, how quickly you're hoping to get it done, and if there are any hard or soft deadlines we should be aware of.
  • Use this field to share any thoughts, questions, concerns, or ideas we should know about, or to elaborate on answers above.
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